• Image of W A T E R . M A L A

Handcrafted & knotted with 108 beads plus a sterling silver Balinese Guru bead.

This Mala is designed to help you find a calmer mind, body & spirit channeling love, healing, peace & compassion; qualities of the element Water.

Mala Components:

Aquamarine - Known as the stone of courage, bringing comfort to those experiencing grief.

Lapis Lazuli - Brings peace & self-acceptance & connects the heart & mind.

Sodalite - Possesses soothing energies & protects from negative energy.

Sterling Silver - Helps to aid communication & self-observation.

This Mala has 2 black lava beads which can be used as an essential oil diffuser - just add a drop of your favourite oil to release the scent for 1-2 days.

Options: You can choose to have 6mm or 8mm beads & can select unknotted for a shorter & more wearable necklace with all the healing benefits of the crystals. (select unknotted under options)