What is a Mala?

Traditionally used in Prayer and meditation, a Mala is a string of beads used to count mantras. They are a beautiful reminder of our intentions and a way of harnessing the healing properties of crystals. 

Why Choose our Malas?

Black Sun Alchemy beads are handcrafted and knotted with 108 beads plus one Guru bead designed to help you find a calmer mind Body and Spirit.  These Mala beads can be used in meditation and yoga, displayed on your altar or worn.

Our Malas are comprised of a selection of beads including natural crystal beads each with their unique energies and healing properties. 

The Guru beads are Handmade made in Bali from sterling silver by highly skilled Balinese artisans using techniques that have been handed down through generations. The use of silver within a Mala helps with communication and self-observation.

Black Sun Alchemy Malas can be made without the knots for a shorter, more wearable necklace that will still have all the healing properties of the crystals used.

Just add unknotted under the options.